Building on Bitcoin

About Us

We are a Pittsburgh based team of engineers with a strong passion for decentralized systems. We believe Bitcoin will have a positive impact on the world and are working to help bridge the gap between traditional and digital finance.


Our flagship product provides a single point for advanced querying of institutional-grade cryptocurrency, token, and digital asset data. Blocktap provides a powerful GraphQL API for querying both market and on-chain data in a single pass. The Blocktap API supports pay-per-request using the Lightning Network, no account required!

A comprehensive visualization suite for data. Compare markets across exchanges and analyze on-chain data for the Bitcoin network. Blocktap Visuals provides a graphical view into metrics such as active addresses, transactions per block and many more.

Open-source Projects

CCXWS (CryptoCurrency eXchange WebSockets) is a JavaScript library for connecting to realtime public APIs of major cryptocurrency exchanges. uses CCXWS for market data collection.

LNTools is a developer toolkit for the Bitcoin Lightning Network. It provides composible modules of the Lightning Network specificiation. These modules can be combined into tools that can interact with the Lightning Network for research, testing, or building awesome things.

Open-source in-depth cryptocurrency market prices and charts powered by the API. Cryptolist uses the TradingView charting library to provide up-to-date historical candles for all exchanges supported by the CCXWS websocket exchange connector.

Web interface for managing and visualizing a LND Lightning Network node.

Write messages on our live-streaming Coinkite BlockClock using the Bitcoin Lightning Network!